DSR offers a complete range of services and assistance to ensure our clients achieve full management of their paging accounts. We are able to assist with the following:

  1. Activations and Deactivations
  2. Track New or Replacement Orders
  3. User Name Changes
  4. Add Enhanced Services (voicemail)
  5. Complete or Order Exchange Pagers

Custom reporting (weekly, monthly, quarterly) - DSR will compile periodic billing reports that enable the client to track and monitor paging expenses throughout the company. These reports include pager numbers, serial numbers, enhanced services (voice mail), and custom greetings, additional per page fees (overcalls), under-use reports for pagers or features; exceptional charges for equipment purchased, and charges for the monthly paging services.

We also compile cost center, location, department or manager name reports and any other customized reports the client may need.

DSR Management Solutions