About DSR Management

At DSR Management Solutions we strive to exceed our clients' expectations every time. On a day to day basis, we work to understand our clients' needs and take whatever actions are necessary to meet those needs in a superior manner. We take pride in providing exceptional service to our clients.

We examine the wireless practices of the organization from a comprehensive perspective. A variety of options are considered to optimize savings. We can review all of your cellular and paging bills and identify errors/savings by performing a line by line audit of your bills. The audit is attained through a calculated process resulting in rate optimization and the production of weekly, monthly or quarterly reports. "DSR audits your wireless provider and is paid a percentage of your recovery."

In addition, we offer customized help desk assistance. Other services include full account management, custom reporting, negotiating new contracts or existing contract renewals, Response for Proposal (RFP's), billing, programming, ordering, porting, activating and deactivating wireless services.

We continue to search for new ways to improve the performance of our business to become the best at what we do.

DSR Management Team

DSR brings 35+ years of combined telecommunication experience to our clients. We specialize in wireless management, customer service, sales and auditing. We also have Accredited Accounts Payable Specialists that are certified by The Institute of Management Administration (IOMA).

We take pride through years of knowledge, expertise, passion and compassion to supply our clients with impeccable service, fair pricing, and a clean and corrected bill. We communicate with the client via phone, email, fax and on-site visits.

During the audit and analysis process, we are committed to forming a mutually beneficial relationship that will result in the continued success of our client and DSR Management Solutions. "We excel at providing on-demand, scheduled, solutions for instant refund/recovery."

We currently service, but are not limited to only servicing central Indiana.

DSR Management Solutions