Cellular Services

  1. Is your wireless spending on the rise?
  2. Do you feel your employee’s airtime is the cause of escalating cost?
  3. Do you have the time and resources to monitor the control of your wireless spend?
  4. Do you want savings/error refunds?
  5. Do you have that promised dedicated representative?
  6. Is that representative providing you with information, devices, and services according to your contract?
  7. Do you get weekly, monthly and quarterly reports?
  8. Would you like to talk more and pay less?

International Services

  1. Why do I need satellite service and a satellite phone for overseas or international traveling?
  2. Do I have the option to buy or rent the international phone?
  3. What are the cost for the phones and the minutes?
  4. How will I receive the equipment?
  5. How do I return the rental equipment?

Paging Services

  1. Do paging companies allow Local Number Portability (LNP)?
  2. Can I keep my pager number when I switch to or from a paging carrier?
  3. Does dialing into my pager to retrieve voice mail count as a page?

If you have any of these concerns, then contact us and we will take care of them.

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