International Cellular Service

A service other than your home service used to make or receive calls while traveling overseas and internationally. Due to increased international traveling, the need for international cellular service is growing. Both, service and equipment are provided by international cell phone vendors. And all payments are paid directly to the vendors. We also, can supply you with contact information for you to contact the vendor directly.

DSR realizes that half of the world does not have cellular coverage and some areas do not even have landline phone service. We can assist you with renting or purchasing the best GSM or Satellite cellular phone and service. We check to make sure you are getting the most modern and smallest cellular phones for international use in the industry. Your equipment can be delivered as early as 2 days prior to your departure (time permitting). Or with next day DHL or UPS service to your home, office and or hotel. "And, of course, that equipment will work in many areas where a traditional cell phone is just dead weight."

GSM vs. Satellite

Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) - Roaming allowing customers from other networks and countries to use their mobiles when they visit any country or network. With a GSM World Phone, call anywhere in the world from almost anywhere in the world!

Satellite Phone - A phone that is mainly needed in the more remote corners of the earth, and usually, some distance from mains electricity. "The satellite phone is highly recommended when traveling in the more remote areas."

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